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Story About My Success Story
About KobenFX

My Gorgeous History

Hi, My name is Bence Kocsis. I was born in Hungary and I am 31 years old. I’ve always wanted to be successful and financially independent and I quickly realized that it was impossible for me to reach that standard of living from a regular job in the short term.

Like most people, after graduating from school, I worked five days a week and didn’t realize that this is the kind of life I want to pursue in the long run.

KobenFX Academy - Bence Kocsis

KobenFX Skills

Successful traders secret is to have a good strategy for discipline with proper timing and proper risk management.
Satisfied students100%
High quality training videos100%
Technical analysis100%
Fundamental analysis90%

Earn money

Since 2012

Part of my family has lived and lives in England to this day. Life is not so wonderful in Hungary and I have decided to try my luck for a brighter future. In 2012, I turned 21 and started work in a restaurant as an Assistant Manager. I was making good money but soon realized that working in the restaurant business, wouldn’t get me to a dream car or a home. Trying to receive passive income while working, I had to think about different types of ways to earn money. In 2014 I saw a plus500 ad on a billboard, and I had to take a further look what this was all about. I searched the internet and saw that various products that could be traded, including gold, oil, grain and other things that I had no idea what it really was. (Forex)

Forex trading career

That’s when the Forex Trading Career Started. I tried trading on a Demo account on the better days and I made huge profits and other days I lost, and of course after a few weeks, my account balance was close to zero …. After that, I decided to try to find useful resources on the Internet and learn the basics of Forex trading. I continued to work and continue with my gambling (lotto, tiptoe, poker) And besides that I tried to live like an ordinary person.
This all changed, and the long awaited day came.  I was just having a day off when I decided to check my lottery tickets of last week. To my luck one of the lottery tickets I had had the exact same numbers what were required to win. And with that I won £ 20,000.
After a few months, I decided that this was enough for me to move back to Hungary and finally start my own journey.

On a beautiful summer Saturday, I decided to try a course on Forex trading.
To my great luck, that day a course was started by a Trading Mentor named Charles.

The Success

Since 2015

A little later I arrived and I convinced myself that before I enter the classroom I will meet a lot of like minded people. I completed the course Successfully. Later I would try to implement these new ideas into my trading, but it didn’t go as well as I wanted. I was undisciplined, thoughtless and too ambitious. Let me not start saying that after a lot of fails, I felt like I was not doing something right and I tried another forex course. This is how I met a guy called Roy.

I Actually owe him a lot of things. I learned a lot of useful strategies and knowledge , but the strategy I use is something I have developed completely differently. To say a few words, the first two years of my life have been very hard. I have failed a lot because of my recklessness and greed. I’m sure most of you have the same problem. Believe me its better to learn mistakes from others rather than from your own. For me, this meant I have successfully wasted 2 years …

The most common mistakes I made were: I entered into positions badly and didn’t use Stop Loss. If I used my Ego a bit I would always give the market more space than I had planned and that led to a strong drop… In the first two years I had a few nice trades, but due to the large opening of my positions I, like anyone else wanted more… what lead to me being greedy and impatient. And that ofcourse led to me closing positions earlier. What do you think happened next ?! Obviously, the market came back to its entry point and I closed my position at zero. Of course, after this downfall came the realization… But the profits were gone… The person who records the fall but does not make a profit on weekends the position will keep getting smaller and smaller ..The Big Change For Me After finding my strategy based on manipulating market-moving personalities and I starting to use Money Management my only opening positions with a risk reward to at least 1: 5 !!!

This trading style is swing trading And in my opinion this is best, because we use a small stop loss and great take profit.  This made everything much less stressful and you don’t have to sit in front of your computer all day. My goal with this course is to train a lot of successful traders and to make financial independence available to all my students. This course allows you to share with you many hours of charting time and 4 years of foreign exchange trading experience, which can affect the rest of your life. Be your own boss And share when and how much you work. Learn Hard & Trade Easy !! If you are interested, write me a message for more information!
I wish you a nice day!

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Bence Kocsis

Words From Students

  • I can’t be more great-full with Kobenfx Academy, I am a trader with 2 years of experience and the first time I was able to understand markets that easy was with Bence’s course, it was a game changing for me. The way that Bence explain each topic its amazing and easy to understand. Something that really got my attention is that he takes the time to help every since one of his student and to ensure they are in the right path, Bence really cares about their students progress. I had the chance to meet Bence in person and see that kind of person he is, it just motivated me to go after my dreams, so much to learn from Kobenfx academy a Bence. He’s the best mentor ever.

    Willie Jarquin Zuniga
    Costa Rica
  • I have been trading for 4 years now. The first 3 years of my trading career was a nightmare. Signed up for other courses and even signals but none of them worked till I discovered Kobenfx. This course is the best investment I have made in my life and there are no regrets after signing up. The course is simple and easy to understand and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to step up their trading game. Not only is the course great, but the mentor himself is excellent and provides personal 1-1 coaching if you do not understand anything in the course. So what are you waiting for? Join the course now and you won’t have to work a 9-5 job anymore and achieve financial freedom.

    Johnson Ho
  • No need to ask me if I’m satisfied, been trading for 3 years and in that process I lost confidence while trading the markets, with your help the results speak for itself. Healthy confidence is really important in the markets, the course material was great but the care next to the course was what really fixed my confidence. A lot of respect for how you value teaching and helping others. Vodka soda all the way.

    Sem Egter van Wissekerke
  • After 4 years of looking for the perfect entries; and with a lot of information in my brain, it made my trading career more complex, because it was full of useless information 🤷🏻‍♂️, I had to remove it and learn to see the Market from Another easier perspective, it is definitely the best in this game and easy to learn, I believe that the best of all is the support and transparency with what Koben does, it is not just sharing a strategy; is to be aware of the process; to finish, this guy teaches to make millions for only 300 usd that’s all.

    Diego Cobos
  • Bence’s course has really advanced my trading to the next level. He is genuinely humble and always makes himself available to attend to all his students. He breaks down the market every week live and there is no hidden strategy as he explains everything clearly to his students. The value you get from his course is huge and a great investment in your own knowledge.

  • Szia Bence!
    Köszönök szépen mindent, a te stratégiáddal szépen fokozatosan,odafigyeléssel ellehet érni az anyagi függetlenséget és minden álmot meglehet valósítani.Köszönöm,hogy mindig mellettem vagy és segítesz.
    Learn hard , Trade easy

    Nemes László
  • i personally started their journey with a lot of pain, sacrifice, and heartache as many other traders have with poor or little guidance. I started learning about forex in March of 2018, and have been let down or scammed by other mentors while struggling to make money as a 18 – 19 year old. One day, a friend told me about a gentleman named KobenFX (Bence Mark Kocsis) and how he’s an Intraday/Swing Trader. From observing his work, he has had outstanding results in trading forex. He demonstrated through documentation of how he was able to catch 300-500+ pip movements in the market with a 1:5 risk to reward minimum. For someone who was previously a scalper, those results were remarkable. I signed up for his mentorship in late August 2019 with the hopes of achieving his level of results. Every week, he would take time out of his busy schedule to have zoom calls at least twice a week to help his mentees navigate the markets. He was also there to answer any questions I had in private messages learning his trading method. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to grasp what exactly he was seeing. However, after four months of making small changes to how I saw the markets everyday, I was able to develop confidence in my own abilities as a trader. I would often show my analysis on the main chat room, where all mentees would interact, on a daily basis. Many would vouch to say I was too active, but trading is my passion. Currently I have many new traders come to me for advice or those who were in Bence’s course for a lot longer than I have on how I see things. I put the work in, and now I can catch 100+ pip movements and say that is the standard. I started trading because I want my family to live a better life, free from financial stress. I have a vision board right beside my computer where I do analysis on what I want to achieve. My eyes are still set on the goal, and not stopping until I reach them. Bence has changed my life for the better.

    Devon Ramsay
    United States
  • I started trading last year and i’m in your Academy since november. I have to thanking you because I’m learning a new strategy and I can have results that i have never had before. Finally It’s very important the Academy group where i can Talk with the others members. Thank you Bence for your strategy. Now i think that trading could change my life💪

    Matteo Venturelli
  • I’ve been trading for a while now but was missing something, I’ve joined many groups and took courses and came across Koben’s I was enticed by his Myfxbook that i seen on his Instagram account and decided to join. Brilliant course brilliant guy really helpful and wants the best for his students always willing to help despite having over 700 members in his group. Thankyou for fitting the missing pieces to the puzzle considered not only a mentor but a friend.

    Neil Uddin
  • I say thank you for your service. Thank you for your training, thank you for the time you invest, which I appreciate very much and I never thought there was such a thing.
    Ich habe viel und hart gelernt und mein Kopf war voll und ich bin auch noch nicht durch. Aber ich weiß eines ganz genau…..es funktioniert und es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit bis ich kassiere. Es ist die beste Investionion in meinem Leben gewesen!
    Deine Strategie ist perfekt…auch wenn ich wahrscheinlich noch brauche um völlig durchzublicken…..DANKE

    Kerstin Moser
  • Bence is one the best traders I’ve come across in my life. He’s such a big community still helps and answers individually. The technique which he trades is unique and so accurate. Joining him was one of the best decisions of my life.

    Aviroop Barat
  • i just wanna say that you’re the man bro! I finally can piece it all together now. I used to only target 40-50 pips but having a hard time maintaining to swing. You’ve changed me! 💯

    Malaysia 🇲🇾
  • If you want to learn a patience, risk management and a proven strategy with a supportive tutor, look nowhere else! Bence has taken my trading to the next level.

    Thank you Bence

  • Just wanted to say that I’m blessed that I found your if account
    Before,when I first started trading 4 months ago I was a scalper.Every time I was putting my fibo on the certain leg and waited for it to bounce off,and i was also using indicators.Now I can firmly say that I start to understand how the market is moving,even without indicator,and I see progress in my trading every day,and it’s only my second month with you🤩🤩.
    Thank you for your helping people out there
    Looking forward to that one million👊👊👊

    Samson Octavian
    The Republic of Moldova🇲🇩
  • i m happy to be part of your team and awesome group best regards master 🤗

    Flamur sylejmani
  • Bence is a great trader and mentor with a great strategy that helps students to know direction and how to enter the market and hit targets. He has been doing this consistently for a while now and is definitely somebody that can be trusted. It can help improve your trading without a doubt. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, because he will help anyone that is struggling with forex and he is not just a mentor but your friend as well.

    Imran Anwar
  • Bence been a Great Friend and an amazing mentor for the start. From the time I have meet him till today he has always made time for me and his other students without any form of hesitation or bias. Thanks to Bence I have finally got a strategy which I consider the holy grail to trading as it is so easy to apply. Since learning from him I have been to trade easily as I am able to profit which I wasn’t able to before. I have had the pleasure to spend time with Bence. He is very humble, kind and generous human being. Bence is a selfless person as he puts others before him time and time again. Bence always has and continues to make time for his students to ensure they are on the right path, to develop into great traders as he himself as he has come from humble beginnings! No matter how much you praise Bence, words are never enough because he is worth much more but all I can do is say thank you for the support which you have given and continue to give. Much love my friend!!

    Feroz Khan
    United Kingdom Birmingham
  • Bence king your education is best education for forex on web. I am very happy that i can learn from you. I know that before me is long path to understand all but i trust you 100%. World needs more people like you. Thanks for all and i hope for our longterm cooperation and friendship. Thanks king you are the best 👑

    Jani Rakovec
  • Hello Bence! I would like to write a quick honest review of your course for everyone who thinks about it. To be honest it is really amazing. The strategy is easy and simple to use and with your explanation it is a briliant 🔥🔥 so far what is the best are the weekly calls and the practice calls. People can reach out to you every week and they can ask everything they need. I really appreciate it becuase there is not many traders who just sell courses but you take care about the people who bought it from you.. 🙏
    Have a nice day,

    Czech Republic🇨🇿
  • Hi ben, my name is Alexis, I have been a student since september 2019 and I am from Switzerland 🇨🇭

    Before I bought your course I used to struggle a lot, lost over 10k the first year and was really down psychologically. I used this as a strength to learn hard and with the hope that I would be able to « trade easy ». I can now feel that I am on the right path and that the strategy really is powerful, making money consistently. I am glad and grateful that we crossed paths. Thank you Ben for changing people’s life. 🙏🏻🎯🔥

  • 2019 have been life changing and getting to know u to learn your trading methodology is a new stepping stone for me in trading. I have been trading full time and been consistence for the past 2 months and counting. I will consider myself successful when i complete another 10 months of full time trading. And i know i’m going to make it and be successful as you are. Thank you Bence 👍

  • Hello Bence, I am from the neighboring country of Romania. All I can tell is that joining you was the best thing I have done since I started forex trading. I can’t thank you enough! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Bence, your services and explanations you give into all charts is exceptional and better than any one else in the FX markets. I can only thank you for the success I have had in trading!! Many thanks mate!

    Ollie Baldwin
  • Hey koben, I’m from Italy and I can assure you that in Italy there aren’t traders good like you. I’m learning everyday from your community and you don’t miss a trade. Thank you❤️🤝

    Emanuele Marras
  • Bence’s course is very powerful and pretty simple to learn. It gives you very effective tools to successfully trade the market. But the best thing is Bence himself, he takes time to help each and every one of us and takes time every week to help us analyse the market with his own weekly analysis. I’m glad I joined the team!

  • Hello Bence, my name is Dennis and I come from Germany. I hope you are well. Your service and strategy are great. i think this is the best product on the market. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Buddy ✌🏽

  • Hi Ben,
    really appreciate what you are doing for the group and the way you offer your time and knowledge. Absolutely best mentor I know online and would always recommend you anywhere! Best regards

    Thomas Kipry
  • I wanna say thank you for all your hard work and strategy that you share to us and am really glad have found you to be my mentor, such a great New Year gift for me.

    I have follow you for almost one month now and enjoy all of your service (i.e. very super active telegram group and weekly mentoring).

    To be honest, I’ve never found any strategy like yours, so many gems in there, but off course as your slogan ” Learn Hard & Trade Easy”, surely am will practice more and more to be skilled like you.

    Again, thank you Bence for everything, wish all the best for you and your family 🙏

  • Hi Koben!!

    I’ve completed the home study program, all I can say it’s simply MARVELOUS! I’ve been through many forex & stocks courses, online and live seminars, but none of it can be compared to the level you taught me.

    I’m seeing everything in a new light, I know that I’ve been doing wrong and this is all because of your teachings. It has been a month now since I’ve learn from you.
    My initial status was deficit and I was losing money in my live account.

    After implementing the things you have taught me, I’ve got positive for the first time in my trading career. It was nice 18% profit of my capital! And guess what, I have a trailing trade that has been going on for the last 2 weeks using your Road to Millions way. WAOO!!!

    Now I know what it takes to win the game.
    If there’s anyone contemplating about Kobenfx course – think no further, compare no further, this is the BEST.

    Don’t waste your time like me, going through other courses and end up wasting years trying a system that doesn’t work.

    Learn straight from Kobenfx.

    It’s in my opinion the guide to profits.

    Thanks for everything!!!!

    UK, London
  • Hi Ben.

    I think this is the only class that let me get direct coaching. I would recommend beginners to go through your webpage slides for basic knowledge (Free forex School )before attend the mentor class because it can help them to understand what you are teaching.

    This class really just ‘copy’ what our mentor do for consistently profit in forex trading. The method and strategy is logic so I know I can master it in the long term.

    So far I made about 34% profit in just 2months with lest than 15trades! I just changed my career to new company, so I have lack of time to perform trading. I just had 1-3 hours to trade before I going to sleep. I hope I will had more time after I start working in shifts in the next 1 or 2 months.

    Thanks for your knowledge.

    Kind Regards

    David Lim
  • Hello Kobenfx

    I will be glad to write a short testimonial on the course as you are truly a great mentor that deserves an awesome testimonial.

    Your course is fantastic. Enough said. The strategies you teach are simple to follow and understand and yet it is more effective than everything else out there. You deserve two thumbs up!

    I like the way that you put trading into a systematic business with clear steps and rules to follow instead of letting your emotions run all over the place, instead of other trainers that frequently leave you out there on the battlefield with your own discretion.

    I especially like how you repeatedly emphasize on how we should take only the best and juiciest trades out there and skip the rest. This is truly the key that many traders are missing. You drilled it deep into our heads and I thank you for that.

    As for your teaching, I find it to be very clear, the pace is appropriate. I also find you a very approachable and responsible mentor.

    I really want to say a big big thank you on behalf of myself and my family.

    I am proud to have you as my mentor as well as my friend. All I can say is having met several other trainers.
    I consider you my only mentor in trading.

    Take care Ben and I hope to see you around.

  • If you are a beginner or need more knowledge about how to trade forex and analyze the market, Kobenfx is the course for you. The course and the Technical trading room gives me exactly the knowledge I need and what I was looking for.
    Ben takes you through everything you need to know and is a great mentor and very supportive.
    I can just say that this the very best course I have taken in the FX market. Invest in yourself and join the group, you will not regret.
    Thank you KoBen!

  • This is literally the best investment I’ve made in myself. I have learned so much from the course already and I haven’t even finished it yet.I am also finally finding consistency in my trading which I am so thankful for! The price of the course is a very small price to pay in exchange for all the knowledge,insight and the skill set you receive.The course given me a professional perspective on the markets overall as well. Also, anytime I’ve ever had any question, even it i thought it was dumb,Ben was prompt and always made me feel welcome. I have no regrets and I love how I’m developing into a profitable trader! If you’re thinking about joining the team, I would definitely encourage you to do so! Thanks KobenFX!

  • Having taken courses with multiple schools and mentors I have to say I was still struggling to piece it all together. The trading course is on par with any other education I have received, the only difference being is Kobenfx course.
    Kobenfx journey into trading helped create this course, which is very relatable to many new traders. Ben is always accessible to answer questions and offer insight.
    Thank you for everything!

  • I must say that it was worth taking. I was just 6 months into trading where i was making profits, but not consistently. The knowledge gained from the course and mentor Kobenfx was all worth the jump in investing in this knowledge. I must also say that i did not only gain one skill but also the skill of self control which is extremely important when trading. Thanks again for the support and knowledge what you give me.


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