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Lifetime membership

As long as I live or until you decide you want to study Forex and you need to get out of being stuck or need help with something. 
 A one-time payment and no fancy extra cost will be required. I will show you everything in the videos .

Step by step learning videos

The first step to the last step is exactly the same as what I use for trading.


Past recorded team webinars

I’ve done over 89 joint team calls, which can be instructive and you can see how to analyzes.

24 hours Telegram support

If you have a simple question you need answering or want to send me analysis for feedback I can be contacted via telegram.

Kobenfx Vip Signal

      Update On The Running Trades:     Exact Entry Point , Exact Stop Loss, Exact Take Profit Levels,..etc

Online personal training

Trendline, Chart patterns, Fibonacci Retracement, Line chart entry, Market psychology, Key level, Support And Resistance Levels, Forex Market Direction, Tradingview, How to set your Stop loss and Take profit.

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